Policy Innovation Days. “How do we create an open society for all?”


This is a document that reports on the Policy Innovation Days: “How do we create an open society for all?” that were organised in Reykjavík. This two-day event – combining a Conference on the first day and a deliberation Workshop on the second day – took place 26th and 27th of October 2021 at the Gerðuberg – public library conference and meeting center. The event was built upon the...

Substantially updated report on the risk factors to democratic quality


Although “D2.4: Report on Comparative Findings and Assessment of Risk Factors to Democratic Quality” was submitted some while ago, seen substantial new research in this area by PaCE done by the Paris-Londron University of Salzburg has been done since then – with new results about relative deprivation among other factors. The updated report is available here:

Agent-Based Simulation of Voter&Party behaviour


Elements in the Simulation Agent-based simulation of the co-evolution of: voter attitudes/voting, party policy, social influence and social network. This is an evidence-led simulation focussing on Austria 2013-2017 (during the ‘immigration crisis’). Details in the following reports: D2.5-Lessons learned from simulation analysisD4.3-Populism and opinion dynamics A 2D illustration of...

“I, the People!” a comic to educate, and provoke classroom discussion, by Takis Pappas and Alecos Papadatos


Wonderful comic developed as part of the PaCE project, illustrating some of the characteristics and dangers of illiberal politics. Carefully sourced using quotes from real politicians and giving examples at the end. This is ideal as a starting point for classroom discussion on the issues. Click on the image below to download and read. Takis Pappas wrote the text and story board for this. He has...

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