“I, the People!” a comic to educate, and provoke classroom discussion, by Takis Pappas and Alecos Papadatos


Wonderful comic developed as part of the PaCE project, illustrating some of the characteristics and dangers of illiberal politics. Carefully sourced using quotes from real politicians and giving examples at the end. This is ideal as a starting point for classroom discussion on the issues. Click on the image below to download and read.

Takis Pappas wrote the text and story board for this. He has written extensively on populism, nativism etc. See his website at https://pappaspopulism.com/

Alecos Papadatos is the talented artist who drew this, following his previous books “Logicomix” and “Democracy” . See his website at https://www.alecos.eu/

About the author

By bruceedmonds

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