Populism and Civic Engagement

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Policy Innovation Days. “How do we create an open society for all?”


This is a document that reports on the Policy Innovation Days: “How do we create an open society for all?” that were organised in Reykjavík. This two-day event – combining a Conference on the first day and a deliberation Workshop on the second day – took place 26th and 27th of October 2021 at the Gerðuberg – public library conference and meeting center. The event was built upon the...

Substantially updated report on the risk factors to democratic quality


Although “D2.4: Report on Comparative Findings and Assessment of Risk Factors to Democratic Quality” was submitted some while ago, seen substantial new research in this area by PaCE done by the Paris-Londron University of Salzburg has been done since then – with new results about relative deprivation among other factors. The updated report is available here:

Agent-Based Simulation of Voter&Party behaviour


Elements in the Simulation Agent-based simulation of the co-evolution of: voter attitudes/voting, party policy, social influence and social network. This is an evidence-led simulation focussing on Austria 2013-2017 (during the ‘immigration crisis’). Details in the following reports: D2.5-Lessons learned from simulation analysisD4.3-Populism and opinion dynamics A 2D illustration of...

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