Research outcomes

WP1 – Historical, Comparative Analysis

D1.1-Historical and political development of populism in Europe

D1.2-Report on the state of modern day populism in Europe

D1.3-Typology of populism movements


D1.5-Report containing tools (infographics and typology)

WP2 – Simulation

D2.1-An online catalogue of relevant data sources

D2.2-First set of simulation scenarios

D2.3-Final version of all simulation

D2.4-Comparative findings and assessment of risk factors

D2.5-Lessons learned from simulation analysis

WP3 – Narratives Analysis and ICT Tools

D3.1-Definitions and operationalisations of populism

D3.2-Tool to identify populist narratives

D3.3-Results of online experiments

WP4 – Causal, Policy and Futures Analysis

D4.1-Causal mechanisms of populism

D4.2-Theoretical model of causes of populism

D4.3-Populism and opinion dynamics

D4.4-Policy recommendations

D4.5-Scenarios and desired futures

D4.6-Scenarios construction methodology

WP5 – Dissemination and Engagement

D5.3-Lessons learned from lab events

Messina Democracy Lab report
Iceland Democracy Lab report
Spain Democracy Lab report
Scotland Democracy Lab report

Hungary Democracy Lab report

Poland Democracy Lab report

Bulgaria Democracy Lab report

D5.4-A report with recommendations for new forms of public participation

Facilitation plan template
Facilitation script template
Communication and recruitment plan template

D5.5-Dissemination of project output

Report on Tri-lateral workshop on populism – PaCE, POPREBEL, DEMOS and FATIGUE

D5.6-Synthesis report outlining the key findings from Democracy labs

D5.7-A two-day Democracy event

D5.8-Future and foresight programme for schools

D5.9-A final conference and gathering of youth representatives

D5.10-Final report on dissemination

WP6 – Ethics Requirements and Compliance Assurance

D6.1-PaCE Ethics Handbook

D6.2-PaCE ethics (period-1)

D6.3-PaCE ethics (period-2)

D6.4-ELSI guidance on ICT tools design

D6.5-ELSI guidance on public engagement

D6.6-ELSI guidance in policy recommendations

WP7 – Project Management

D7.3-Interim report

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