Work packages

WP1Historical, Comparative, Analysis

WP2Simulation Analysis including the use of longitudinal, qualitative and survey data to inform the specification, testing and analysis of agent-based simulation of the cases

WP3Narrative Analysis & ICT Tools including the use of online discursive data in the narrative and machine-learning analysis, resulting in new ICT tools for narrative identification and improved participatory platforms

WP4Causal, Policy & Future Analysis including the causal, and policy risk analyses, the development of the visionary scenarios, resulting in the future visions, risk analyses of responses to populism and public and educational resources

WP5Engagement & Dissemination including dissemination to academic and policy actors, EU democracy labs (a gathering of youth representatives from the school’s project) and local democracy labs, the Future and foresight project and the final conference

WP6Ethics a full ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Societal issues assessment) analysis, guidance and implementation to embed ethics at every stage of PaCE

WP7Management including management, quality control and monitoring

WP8Ethics requirements including the informed consent, approvals by the ethics committees, transfer of the personal data, processing of previously collected personal data and the risk assessment.

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