We are talking to policy makers 19th May – online event open to the public


Background and objectives

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our democratic societies, posing unprecedented challenges to personal freedoms, the reliability of information and, ultimately, the ability of democratic institutions to cope with the rapidly changing societal demands. This adds up to a tumultuous decade for European democracy, that saw the rise of populist movements and anti-European sentiments fuelling disintegration drives.

Three Horizon 2020 research projects, DEMOS, POPREBEL and PaCE have analysed the phenomenon of populism and its consequences for European democracies and the EU at large, identifying and understanding the causes of populism as well as strategies for strengthening democratic values and practices.

This is why the research teams will host now, at the end of their research work plans, a policy event to present and discuss policy relevant insights and findings on the multifaceted phenomenon of populism, with a specific focus on possible policy actions and recommendations.

Further details

More details in the this document: http://cfpm.org/pace/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Populism_Policy_event_invitation_and_agenda_May_19.pdf

About the author

By bruceedmonds

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