D5.6. Synthesis report outlining the key findings from Local Democracy Labs


The report presenting the key findings from Local Democracy Labs carried out in seven European countries: Italy, Iceland, Spain, Scotland, Hungary, Poland, and Bulgaria has been released as a collaborative effort of the City of Reykjavík, Iceland – Dr. Roxana Elena Cziker, and the Democratic Society based in Brussels – Sophie Kiesouw and Alecsandra Ziętek.

The common topics revealed by the participants´ discussion were: strengths of authorities measures, as a measure of trust and positive appreciation for different authorities; and a few critical views and challenges such as communication and information strategies, coordination and cooperation of authorities, and other organizations, politicization vs expertise and knowledge, closer monitoring of cascading effects and follow up strategies and long-term impact on individual wellbeing.

For those interested in reading more details about the key findings of Local Democracy Labs please consult the report HERE.

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