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Welcome to the Qual2Rule Seminars!

Our SIG is happy to announce the Qual2Rule Seminars – A Series of Seminars on Experiences of Using Qualitative Data and Methods in Social Simulation! The seminars will take place the first Tuesday of every month, from 13:00 CET. Each session will be divided in three parts. In the first part, the invited speakers will talk about their research in general. In a second part, they will go into the methodological details of using qualitative data and methods in their modelling practices. The third part will focus on stories related to the modelling process; this would be more about the personal experiences of modeling, challenges when interacting with colleagues, managing the participation of informants, publishing the research etc. 

This is the schedule for 2021:

  • October 5th @13.00 via Zoom – LeRon Shults, Agder University, Norway
  • November 2nd @ 13.00 via Zoom – Patrycja Antosz, NORCE, Norway
  • December 7th @ 13.00 via Zoom – Sara Mehryar, London School of Economics, UK

If you want to join any of these seminars, please fill in this registration form:

Special Track at the Social Simulation Conference (SSC), 20-24.09.2021, Cracow, Poland

The following papers are accepted for presentation during the Social Simulation Conference 2021, Cracow (in the order they will be presented on Thursday 23.09, 09:00-11:00 CEST):

Other events at SSC2021 organised by the Qual2Rule SIG:

  • Roundtable “Integrating Evidence Using Agent-Based Modelling”, Tuesday 21.09, 17:30-19:00 CEST
  • Roundtable “Increasing Rigour of ABM”, Thursday 23.09, 19:15-21:15 CEST

If you want to join any of these events, please register for the SSC2021 here.