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List of Accepted Papers for the track @ ESSA 2013 on “Using qualitative data to inform behavioral rules”

The accepted papers to be orally presented at ESSA 2013, in no particular order:

  • Martin Neumann. Grounded Simulation
  • Tilman Schenk. Generating an agent based model from interviews and observations: procedures and challenges
  • Javier Alvarez-Galvez. Agent-Based Decision Support System for Studying Health System Efficiency
  • Elizabeth Carabine. Narratives of a drought: exploring resilience in Kenya’s drylands
  • Emma Norling. An Approach to Capturing Cognitive Processes
  • Bruce Edmonds. Towards a Context- and Scope-Sensitive Analysis for Specifying Agent Behaviour
  • Ozge Dilaver Kalkan. A Grounded Simulation of Early Adoption Advantages During Diffusion of Innovations
  • Magnus Josefsson. Interpreting the conundrum of social mechanisms: Insights from grounded theory
  • Amineh Ghorbani, Noortje Schrauwen and Gerard Dijkema. Using Ethnographic Information to Conceptualize Agent-based Models
  • Nicolas Gailliard, Olivier Barreteau and Richard-Ferroudji Audrey. Participatory policy making in practice: simulating boundary work in water governance
  • Pablo Lucas. An Adaptation of the Ethnographic Decision Tree Modeling Methodology for Developing Evidence-Driven Agent-Based Models
  • Jesus Rosales-Carreon and Cesar Garcia-Diaz. Using Qualitative Data To Explore Knowledge Transfer Scenarios In Agent-Based Models: The Case Of Zero-Energy Buildings
  • Sukaina Bharwani, Richard Taylor, Tahia Devisscher, Monica Coll Besa and Michael Fischer. What drives decision-making on livelihood options in the forest communities of Cameroon?
  • Frank Schiller, Anne Skeldon, Tina Balke, Michelle Grant, Alexandra Penn, Lauren Basson, Paul Jensen, Nigel Gilbert, Ozge Dilaver Kalkan and Amy Woodward. Defining relevance and finding rules: an agent-based model of biomass use in the Humber area
  • Serge Bobo Kadiri and Christophe Le Page. Raising the awareness of local populations about the sustainability of bushmeat hunting through the incremental introduction of an agent-based model. A case study in the region of Korup National Park (Cameroon)
  • Armando Geller, Seyed Mussavi Rizi and Maciej Latek. EFMAS: Elicitation Framework for Multiagent Systems
  • Krzysztof Kulakowski, Piotr Gronek and Antoni Dydejczyk. Discrete Chaos In Everyday Life