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A brand new infographic “EU was once a club of liberal democracy. Not any longer” by Takis Pappas


Following the expansion of the EU over the last seventy years, this infographic depicts the evolution, and relative decline, of Europe’s post-war liberal democratic rule. Back in the 1950s, and for three decades thereafter, all member states had solid liberal democratic governments. The Union was in fact meant to be an exclusive club of liberal democracies. But things did not turn exactly that...

PaCE event in Iceland – Conference agenda 26th of October 2021


The City of Reykjavík organizes policy innovation days, 26th and 27th of October 2021. The programme starts with a conference on the 26th where academics and experts introduce research related to the topics of the PaCE project. Dagskrá málþings um stefnumótun hjá hinu opinbera 26. október 2021.Staðsetning: Borgarbókasafnið Menningarhús Gerðubergi, Breiðholti.Ítarlegri upplýsingar um fyrirlesara...

Report on the PaCE Local Democracy Lab in Bulgaria, 3rd of July 2021


The English version of the report presenting the main outcomes of the PaCE Local Democracy Lab in Bulgaria is ready to be publicly shared. The report is a result of a collaboration between the City of Reykjavík, Iceland, and the Sofia Platform Foundation, Bulgaria. Further details about the results on participants´ deliberation on Trust in public administration at the time of the Covid-19...

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