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Practical Questions about JoM-EMIT

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How do I access articles in JoM-EMIT?

Articles in JoM-EMIT are only accessible using a WWW browser. Simply follow the links by clicking on them. To print an article out, get it up on the screen in your browser and then choose the print option from the `File' option at the top left of your browser.

There are several ways to find the article you want:

  1. Click on the latest issue link to see the issue most recently published or being assembled.
  2. Look at the index of all past issues
  3. Use the search mechanism and type in keywords, title words or the author's name and follow the link
  4. Find the paper in our bibliography of memetics and follow the link

How do I refer to articles in JoM-EMIT?

If you need to refer to a JoM-EMIT article in a paper journal then do so like this: Or, if you prefer to use abbreviations: Some editors will want you to prefix the URL with "Electronically accessible at URL:" or some such. But whatever you do, please include the URL as this is an electronic journal.

Of course, if the reference is on a web page you need only make the hyper-text link!

How do I refer to parts of articles in JoM-EMIT?

If you need to refer to a part of an article (for example when quoting), please use the section numbers in the article and then the paragraph numbers, i.e. put the citation then the section and paragraph numbers, as in the following: OR Please do not use the notional page numbers, as the real pagination will depend on the particular browserand settings used.

Of course, if you want to refer to a section electronically just use a direct hyper-text link!

Why the Notional Page Numbers?

Some of the indexing services can not cope without page numbers. So we have invented notional page numbers based on how many pages each takes to print on A4 paper on a postscript printer. It may help give an idea of its length when printed, but remember different bowsers, settings, printers and printer drivers may give slightly different results.

Unless you really want to, please ignore these page numbers - they are an anachronism.

How can I know when new articles of interest to me are published in JoM-EMIT?

If you subscribe to the JoM-EMIT announcements list (or the memetics discussion list), you will recieve titles and abstract of articles, immediately they appear. Alternatively we will distribute the contents of whole volumes when they are complete to various news groups and lists, including: PRNCYB-L, alt.memetics and

Why the green and grey pages in JoM-EMIT?

The green pages (like this one) are editorial pages - they have not gone through the process of peer-review. The grey pages have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication by at least two reviewers (if the first two disagree it is sent to a third to decide).

Other questions

Questions about the editorial process or policy should be sent to the managing editor at Questions about the mechanics of publication or formatting for final publication or about the green pages should go to the publisher.

Bruce Edmonds, Centre for Policy Modelling, 4-May-1997.© JoM-EMIT 1997