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Workshop on "Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence using Social Simulation"

21 March 2019

A Lorentz workshop, 8th-12th April 2019, Leiden, NL.

Co-organised by :

  • Melania Borit (Tromsø, Norway)
  • Stephanie Dornschneider (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Bruce Edmonds (Manchester, UK)
  • Magnús Josefsson (Reykjavik, Iceland)
  • Sara Mehryar (London, United Kingdom)
  • Nanda Wijermans

New Project on Opinion Dynamics

4 January 2019

“Towards realistic computational models of social influence dynamics” (ToRealSim) is a four-country (DE, NL, FR, UK) joint project under the Open Research Area initiative. We lead the UK part of this and will work with the University of Leicester, starting April 2019 for 3 years.