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Definitive version of: "Different Modelling Purposes" paper published in JASSS

28 June 2019

Edmonds, B., Le Page, C., Bithell, M., Chattoe-Brown, E., Grimm, V., Meyer, R., Montañola-Sales, C., Ormerod, P., Root, H. and Squazzoni, F. (2019) Different Modelling Purposes. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 22(3):6 < DOI: 10.18564/jasss.3993

In press: Using agent-based simulation to inform policy – what could possibly go wrong?

9 May 2019

A paper by Bruce Edmonds and Lia ní Aodha, based on the invited talk give at MABS 2018 (a version of which is to be published in the MABS 2018 collection). It looks at the potential dangers of mixing ABM and policy, and suggests a positive way forward.

Workshop on Cognitive Modules for NetLogo, 23 Sept @ SocSim 2019, Mainz

16 April 2019

Tobias Schröder and I are running a workshop on Monday 23rd September at the Social Simulation conference in Mainz later this year. Please come along!