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Two paid (Marie-Curie) PhD positions at the CPM

17 March 2015

ESR 5 – Simulating the workings of trust within fisheries, Centre for Policy Modelling, Manchester

This post will focus on analysing the workings of trust between fishers and regulators within the context of the fisheries management regimes, using the technique of agent-based social simulation.

It will review and develop models of risk perception and reaction applicable to fishers and regulators in order to develop a set of simulation models which encapsulate: (a) the decision making of actors, (b) the complex social processes involved and © the impact of regulatory regimes. This will include eliciting relevant information from key stakeholders.

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ESR 10 – Applying computer visualisation to fisheries issues, Centre for Policy Modelling, Manchester

This particular post will focus on identifying effective methods for the computational presentation of complex models and data about fisheries management for: (a) researchers trying to grasp complex data and (b) for public communication contexts, stakeholders and public. It will involve trialling some computer visualizations in public engagement contexts, collect data as to the response, and finally assessing the potential of visualisation tools and abstract lessons as to their effective use within the fisheries management and public engagement contexts.

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Application deadlines (TBA but likely to be mid April)