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From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Mon 09 Dec 2002 - 09:51:17 GMT

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    At 07:02 AM 8/12/02 -0800, Grant wrote:
    >The problem of talking about evolution as you guys are is that you seem to
    >assume it is a single thing that applies to all of life on earth when in
    >fact it is billions of things taking place over eons as individual animals
    >fight for existence in a niche of their own. The crocks in Australia seem
    >to have found one they can exploit forever.
    >Most of the rest of the animals on earth are not so lucky. But "evolution"
    >only describes the general process of change that shapes the animal to its
    >environment or lets it die if it can't change fast enough.

    Jeremy: I agree Grant and I was mentioning crocs to illustrate that, in some cases, the process of evolution had halted at the point of perfection. Crocs are truly one of the most perfectly adapted animals in the world. They fit into their environment so well that there has been no disadvantage in protracted stability. Maybe the ones that 'changed' were the ones which died. If this is the case, I would assume that if their environment did change rapidly they would either die out or commence the process again. I freely admit that I have no great knowledge of genetics or evolution and welcome your input. Cheers

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