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    Greetings, Maryly, Your message was not so much returned to you as (successfully) posted to the list, of which you are a member, and so, like all members, the server sent you a copy of your own message, along with all other messages posted by others.

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      I sent this comment (below) yesterday, and it was returned to me. Perhaps I do not understand the nature of your online journal. Is participation limited to the 4-5 of you?
      If so, please let me know. Thank you.

      Just a thought from a lowly college prof: there has always been a difference between "religion" and "spirituality." Francis of Assisi was spiritual first, but given the time in which he lived, did his best to assuage the Church. Churches are institutions, and as such, do indeed exist to perpetuate themselves.

      Religion was the primary enforcer of social norms for centuries in Europe and the East. Has that changed? Isn't the Islamic jihad a recursion to that attitude?


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