Domestic Water Demand and Social Influence
– an agent-based modelling approach

CPM Report No.: CPM-02-103
By: Bruce Edmonds, Olivier Barthelemy, and Scott Moss
Date: 2002


This is a technical report to DEFRA and the EA as part of a deliverable by the CC:DEW project, coordinated by Tom Downing of the Stockholm Environment Institute.  The other technical reports that form the substantial part of this deliverable are concerned with forecasting the likely change in demand for water given certain changes in the climate.  This report is not to forecast but is to report on a more exploratory approach which has the potential to provide some of the possible deviations from the likely futures.

This reports starts with an introduction as to the nature of agent-based modelling and, in particular, what it is (and is not) suited to doing.  It outlines the structure of the model and briefly describes the results and finally states tentative conclusions.  Firm conclusions come in the form of what future work needs to be done.  There are four appendices with:  the graphs of the outcomes in terms of aggregate demand; detailed model specification; data sources and references.

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