Dance craze

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    While I was searching through the bunch of papers and old references to
    find some good sources for Cathar heresy question, I found (again) an
    interesting tidbit of information that I never followed through.
    It seems that Catholic Church and other Christian sects expended much
    effort during 4th century, and again durin middle ages, to stomp out
    the practice of dancing. The effort of the Church was doubled in
    thirteenth century due to the outbreak of "dance epidemics and the
    spread of dancing diseases which sometime caused the afflicted to flock
    dancingly to various religious shrines so as to obtain relief" (quote
    from R.Joseph's "The Naked Neuron"). Does anyone know anything more
    about that? The reference book that seemed to deal with the subject was
    J. Meerloo's "Dance craze and sacred dance" but I was unable to procur
    a copy...
    Any ideas why would, and how, such a strange thing as "dance epidemcs"
    appear and/or spread through population? What could be behind it?
    I have this feeling that it is important and connected with recent
    discussions on religion/behavior memes etc...

    Anyway ;)

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