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Date: Tue 18 Mar 2003 - 14:39:47 GMT

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    And each and every performance is just the same- a unique solution to the problem of what step to take, or word to use, or turn to take, or smile, or frown, or dance, or....

    But every step is different, every step new, and, in the event such step is observed and can be attempted, as performance in a similar landscape, it will be culturally useful, as culture demands performer and observer and action from both to continue, and, culture is a continuing and modifying condition of the human creature. We say it is evolving only because it is changing in darwinian fashion, not because it's merely 'different' from one place to another, although that's a clue.

    - Wade

    I see we also differ on the use of the word "new." To me something is new the first time you encounter it. You seem to be driving around in a new car every time you get into yours and driving on a new road every time you travel from home to the office. A step you've practiced a thousand times is a new step each time. That sort of ignores the categorization of things, to my mind. You don't seem to divide the world up into categories of things previously done or encountered as "old" verses things encountered or done for the first time as "new," while I do. That would seem to make everything you see or do "new."


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