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    > I see we also differ on the use of the word "new." To me something is new
    > the first time you encounter it. You seem to be driving around in a new
    > every time you get into yours and driving on a new road every time you
    > travel from home to the office. A step you've practiced a thousand times
    > a new step each time. That sort of ignores the categorization of things,
    > my mind. You don't seem to divide the world up into categories of things
    > previously done or encountered as "old" verses things encountered or done
    > for the first time as "new," while I do. That would seem to make
    > you see or do "new."

    I think Wade means on a more fundamental level ( genetic)_ molecules and basic elements. Where I do agree but i see more of an ' evolution ' on a neurologica level_ it is in our mind we see things change and evolve_ but we have maybe similar experiences/ perceptions but they 're not the same_ due to the difference of space/ time, only in our own mind we see/ experience the difference due to already existing differences between the genetic/ meme- tic being we both are.

    How this than can be included in Wade 's scheme... the mind and things is up to him to explain.


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