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Date: Tue 18 Mar 2003 - 00:15:22 GMT

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    At 09:48 AM 17/03/03 -0800, Grant wrote:

    >Amazing! My grandmother told me that same story, only it was about
    >different people. I was going to use it in the book of family history I'm
    >writing. She grew up in Indian territory along the Texas-Oklahoma border.

    Identical solutions to a common problem. :-)

    >The capture of men is just as common, historically, as the capture of women.

    Do you have any source for this? It was my impression from the Yanomami studies and the historical American Indian tribes that the men were usually killed.

    >The primary difference is that while the women were taken to become wives,
    >the men were taken to become slaves or drafted into the army of their

    In the case of the Aztecs, the captors were sacrificed and eaten. Organized armies were very late in the game, long after the point where a tribe was the largest human organization.

    >In either case it was adapt or die. I suspect it is also at root of the
    >hated mother-in-law syndrome because in most societies the mom-in-law was
    >in charge of teaching the new bride the rules and customs of the new tribe
    >and discipline was often very strict.

    Could be, though I can't think of supporting data.

    Keith Henson

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