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    >But, no, the animal in the middle, while biologically
    evolving, is
    >doing so at unrecordable rates.
    >If you think we do not stay the same, I really need some proof
    of that,
    >at organism level.

    But in memetic perspective, no I do think we don 't stay the same, we differ from the human we were a minute ago...we have learned, heard, seen, touched, smelled something by which our body and mind had adapted to it, our brain had put something in the memory- thanks, our brain buffered solutions.... I thought your performance- scheme counted that in....!?


    How about the fact that the brain constantly reoranizes itself to meet the needs of the body? If a person goes blind, for example, the part of the brain that processed sight starts processing touch. If a man loses a limb, the brain lets some other part of the body take over at least part of that section of the cortex which was used to move and feel the limb. People who have had the left side of their brains removed are able to move the language processing to the remaining right side of the brain. Isn't that evidence of the brain changing at the organism level?


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