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Date: Mon 09 Dec 2002 - 21:35:13 GMT

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    >On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 12:04 PM, Grant Callaghan wrote:
    >>I think we have to define memetic evolution as Lamarkian for two reasons:
    >>1) the "seed" of an idea is broadcast to everyone withing seeing or
    >>hearing distance rather than selectively passed to just one individual,
    >>which these days means everyone watching TV, going to school, reading the
    >>same book or reading this list, etc., etc. and 2) the meme which is picked
    >>up by various members of the public does not produce a faithful
    >>reproduction of the meme that was spread in the broadcast. There is too
    >>much variation for it to be a Darwinian type reproduction and evolution.
    >Each performance is goal-oriented (aka lamarckian) (the performance itself,
    >as far as the performer is concerned, is only a goal, but the performance
    >itself is only half of the equation of culture), yes, but, each replication
    >may only have the goal of replication itself, so, while lamarckianism might
    >be a fair analyzation of some individuals' memetic processes, I don't think
    >cultural evolution itself demands lamarckian mechanisms, at all.
    >And, evolutionary mechanisms are not presumed to be individual's
    >mechanisms, are they, regardless of the agency within evolution of
    >- Wade

    If Mr. Darwin were still around, I'd ask him. But then I can't ask Lamark for the same reason.


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