MRes: The Philosophy of Knowledge

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The aims of the course:

To help you reflect upon the practice and nature of your research. To make you aware of the problems and nature of the kinds of knowledge you are dealing with. To equip you for some of the philosophical arguments you might meet by helping you to understand them. To give you a starting point for understanding this aspect of academic thought more.


Is via a written 5000 word essay an assignment due 3rd June 2010. Basically is designed to be the makings of a subsection of any eventual thesis, outlining the relevant philosophical positions and arguments relevant to your research. After the assignments are marked discussions to help refine and assess the arguments occur 1-1 with me and as presentations to the group, to prepare students for their PhD.

About me:

I am Bruce Edmonds, Director and Senior Research Fellow of the Centre for Policy Modelling, a centre dedicated to research in the Business School. Information about the CPM can be found at: and about me at

Contact details can be found on my web site, my office is Room 101 just to the left of the lifts on the 1st floor of the Aytoun building. My Email is my MMU telephone number is (0161) 247 6479.