EMIL-T: The final report of the EU 6FP EMIL Project
(EMergence In the Loop: simulating the two way dynamics of norm innovation)

CPM Report No.: 10-206
By: Rosaria Conte et al.
Date: 12th Jan 2010


This document is a summary of D5.1, the final model resulting from the EMIL project – an ambitious sociocognitive model of norm innovation. This is arises from a dynamic and complex view of norms, it is based on and has shed new light on the ontology developed in EMIL-M, was specified in EMIL-A, has been implemented in the architecture EMIL-S; has been used to develop a suite of simulations of normative phenomena and will be available as a theory, architecture and tool for future work by academics. This is the first theory of norms that comprehensively relates ontology, theory, implementation, architecture – integrating both cognitive and social aspects of norms as they co-evolve as a result of interacting, emergent and immergent processes.

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