Analyzing Dynamic Friendship Networks using Subgraph Characteristics

CPM Report No.: 07-182
By: Shah Jamal Alam and Ruth Meyer
Date: 20th July 2007

An abridged version appeared as: Alam, S.J. and Meyer, R. (2007), Analyzing Network Evolution in Agent-based Models using Subgraph Characteristics, in Proceedings of the UK Social Network Conference, London, UK, pp. 86-88


Social networks generated from agent-based models are dynamic in nature. Social processes govern the changes in the networks’ ties during simulation. Several methodologies have been proposed in recent years how to capture the dynamics of a simulated network. Where agents’ population sizes depend upon local processes and interactions at the micro-level, analyzing the network dynamics is an open research problem. Subgraph analysis, i.e. the investigation of local network structures, is one of several techniques that do not require the network’s size to stay fixed. We discuss the possibility of applying subgraph analysis to study the evolution of network structures at different time steps.

Keywords: agent-based simulation, subgraph characteristics, motif analysis

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