Stakeholder Participation in Investigating the Impact of E-commerce upon the Value Chain

was previously: Agent-Based Modelling Incorporating Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: A Case Study Investigating the Impact of E-commerce upon the Value Chain.

By: Richard Taylor
Date: 17th September 2003
CPM Report No.: CPM-03-123

Presented at the first international conference of the European Social Simulation Association, Gronigen, the Netherlands, September 2003.


This paper discusses qualitative and quantitative approaches to informing and validating ABMs. Research is introduced which addresses the question of how new e-commerce technology is leading to restructuring of value chains. A case study was undertaken within a major international organisation, focusing on exploring those issues identified as interesting and important by a small stakeholder group working in the company and actively participating in the research.
A central theme of this paper is the interaction and relationship with stakeholders during the project, with regards to the development of the ABM. The paper concludes that a multi-methodology approach is appropriate to simulation-based projects, and identifies stakeholder participation as being useful in several ways, in particular because it facilitiates model validation.

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