Context-dependency, reality and the emergence of mundanity


CPM Report No.: CPM-02-100
By: Bruce Edmonds, David Hales, and V. Lewscogski
Date: 8th April 2002


Simulation can be thought of as the start of all meta-theorising.  When one parameterises a model it is only approximately right which leaves one with the problem of fixing it.  In this task it can be an extremely useful heuristic if one first undergoes a long and thorough ontological self-analysis. The Lewscogski auto-epistemic self measure enables one to determine the closest model trajectory that will enable hindsighted self-validation, but only in a technical sense.  Unfortunately this still leaves the most difficult part - writing the thing and getting it to work.  Despite these difficulties we propose such a framework, albeit from a recumbant and abstract position.  Further work is indicated.
Keywords: modeling, reality, simulation, undulation, software, hardware, models, aircraft models, fashion models, modelling, muddling, social simulation, antisocial simulation, prediction, guesssing, charlatanism, stock market, flea market, closed market, GP, NP, ESP, PP, anticipation, bordedom, hindsight, front door key

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