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Ruth Meyer
Ruth Centre for Policy Modelling
Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
Oxford Road
Manchester, M15 6BH, UK

Tel +44 (0)161 247 6074
Current position I am a research fellow at the CPM, always looking forward to new adventures in modelling and simulation.
Research interests My research interests include simulation methodologies (in particular discrete-event simulation and agent-based simulation), spatial modelling (with or without GIS), and the application of agent-based simulation to complex social systems. The latter is reflected in the models I have developed in a variety of research projects, ranging from sustainability assessment in transport and logistics to the impact of diversity on inter-ethnic partnerships and labour market segmentation. Within the PaCE project I am currently working on evidence-based models of voting and party competition to investigate the phenomenon of populism.

My PhD thesis at the University of Hamburg, Department of Informatics titled Agents in Space and Time: Discrete-Event Simulation with Multi-Agent Systems and an Explicit Representation of Space combined several of my research interests. It demonstrates how agent-based simulation can be defined as a new world view within the context of discrete-event simulation by joining the metaphor of multi-agent systems with an event-driven time advance. The simulation toolkit FAMOS developed as part of the thesis implements this agent-oriented world view with a particular focus on a graph-based representation of space and the spatial movement of agents.

Publications Please refer to my Google Scholar profile or my MMU staff profile for a (more or less) up-to-date list of my publications.

Published models can be found in the ComSES Model Library. Other code e.g. extensions for NetLogo is available on github.

Professional Associations European Social Simulation Association (ESSA)
Berufsverband Information Bibliothek (BIB)
March 2022