Solidarity with US disaster victims

From: Ryan, Angela (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 19:41:57 BST

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    Subject: Solidarity with US disaster victims
    Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 19:41:57 +0100
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    Dear Colleagues,
    I am, like everyone here, still reeling with shock at yesterday's nightmare
    events. All these people going about their business while death hurled onto
    them from the sky, and those passengers in the high-jacked planes in terror
    for themselves and for those on the ground: it's the worst horror in a train
    of horrific events in my lifetime.
                    UCC held a silence today to mark our solidarity with
    Americans who have suffered or whose loved ones have suffered from this
    evil. I was in Dublin when it happened and have just returned home, and to
    my computer. I saw the second plane-strike live; it was so terrible that it
    appeared unreal.
                    I hope US colleagues and all belonging to them are well, and
    that such rescue and recovery as is possible is going ahead for all
    concerned in Washington DC and New York.
    Yours sincerely
    Dr A.M.T. Ryan Agrégée de l'Université,
    Department of French,
    National University of Ireland, Cork,
    telephone + 353 21 4902552
    facsimile + 353 21 4903284

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