Re: DNA Culture .... Trivia?

Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 23:24:09 GMT

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    Subject: Re: DNA Culture .... Trivia?
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    I think, Dini, what you are observing is memetic evolution in action. There
    is a lot of vicious fighting about apparent trivialities, with a few
    developing fire and spears to stalk and eat their prey.

    The savannah is an interesting, complex place. While some of the natives
    may look cute, they can have different ambitions to consensual group hugs.
    Personally, I love to explore the tactics and strategies of the arguments.


    "Dini" <> on 20/01/2001 01:42:29 pm

    Please respond to

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    Subject: Re: DNA Culture .... Trivia?

    Listening to all your arguments, I have learnt one thing so far, and that
    is there is a great lack of real communication, by way of memes or not.

    ""Listen with the intent to understand rather than to reply,
    Then, speak with the intent to be understood""


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