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Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 06:47:41 GMT

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    Hi, Joe-
    Thanks for sharing but I, personally, don't hate any body on the list
    enough to tell them that much about myself! :-)
    For me, I'd rather just focus on memetics and what it portends for us
    individually, creatively, and societally.
    However, I would be amenable to listening to your explanation as to "why"
    you feel it important to introduce ourselves at such a personal level
    when the purported objective of this group is a discussion of memetics.
    I am certainly ok with the introduction of even very personal matter as
    long as it ties back into memetics. But as I like to keep my mashed
    potatoes separate from my peach cobbler, I, for one, will vote to keep
    the sharing of my personal information to other groups to which I may
    belong. I vote for resisting your meme! ( I hope that this doesn't lead
    to some "Floridian-type" recount! :-)
    SoulSearcher77 aka Vincent Wright

    "Joe E. Dees" wrote:

    > Hi, I'm Joe Dees. Now, what you all perhaps DIDN'T know
    > about me.
    > I am a graduate student in Humanities Interdisciplinary (with
    > only my thesis to complete) at the University of West Florida (my
    > four tracks are philosophy, psychology, sociology and
    > anthropology, and my B.A. is in philosophy - I won the Outstanding
    > Student Award in the College of Arts and Sciences my senior
    > year). I have had gaps in my attendance, due to medical problems
    > (devastating cluster headaches, alleviated by a surgery that
    > corrected a deviated septum, rebroke and reset a badly set broken
    > nose, and reconstructed malformed sinus passages, as well as
    > three hernia surgeries, two passed kidney stones and a ganglion
    > cyst removed from my right wrist), personal tragedy (a divorce
    > following an eight-year marriage, the deaths of my father and
    > brother) and the necessity of making money (including teaching
    > Intro to Philosophy and Comparative Religion at Troy State
    > University). I am a summa cum laude student, with a 2190 (out of
    > possible 2400) GRE score (780 math, 770 verbal, 640 logical), the
    > highest cumulative score ever recorded at my institution, although I
    > took the test before I became computer literate (my broken nose
    > was always in books) and I believe that I could do better now. I am
    > a past member of both Mensa (upper 2% IQ) and Intertel (upper
    > 1%), but found the company pretentious and terminally boring and
    > let my memberships expire. The professors at my institution
    > adress me less as a student than as an unsheepskinned
    > colleague, and my collaboration is constantly in demand (one
    > example - I furnished the structural evolution and references for a
    > recent paper on the use of the principles of magick to retain at-risk
    > children in education, for the head of the ED department - being a
    > pagan helped). I have an online paper on paganism, entitled
    > online published by the International Journal of Diversity and
    > Synergy ( as well as on
    > As a result of the presentation (and reception) of my paper
    > (which y'all have seen) TOOLS, LANGUAGE AND TEXT: THE
    > HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS at the Language Origins Society
    > annual meeting in Tallahassee, Florida a couple of years ago, I
    > have been offered a teaching assistanceship at Berkeley while
    > pursuing my doctorate in the Philosophy of Mind, and am assured
    > by the present faculty and staff that a professorial position will be
    > available at my alma mater upon satisfactory completion. My only
    > problem in this area is that my mother cannot live independently
    > (diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, arthritis of the hips and
    > hands) and I made a deathbed promise to my father not to put her
    > in a nursing home. She is Southern Baptist and my live-in fiancee
    > is Soka Gakkai Buddhist and they do not get along, and that
    > relationship has much improvement to achieve before I could leave
    > Florida and relocate to California for the required period. Luckily,
    > they are willing to hold the offer open until I am in a position to
    > accept.
    > Okay, I've done it; who's next? Let's get to know each other
    > better!
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