Re: Online Paper: "Ideas are Not Replicators but Minds Are" by Liane Gabora

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Date: Wed 29 Oct 2003 - 01:04:55 GMT

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    > > The human line's expansion into the north is (if I
    > > remember correctly) at
    > > least 800,000 years back. They were expanding into
    > > big game areas.
    >Yes, but recent data on Y-chromosomal lineages
    >suggests that none of these Homo erectus and archaic
    >sapiens groups have any modern decendents. Everybody
    >alive today is descended from people who were in
    >Southern Africa until about 135,000 years bp.

    This seems to be true for Y, but I don't think it can be shown to be the case for the rest of the genome.

    Keith Henson

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