Winter School on Agent-Based Modeling and Social-Ecological Systems

CoMSES Net is hosting its annual Winter School on Agent-Based Modelling and Social-Ecological Systems January 6-10, 2020 in sunny Tempe, Arizona, USA.

Purpose of the Winter School

The overall aim of the winter school is that the participants will learn about the opportunities and challenges of agent-based modeling of social-ecological systems. Participants will engage intensely with a few comprehensive models, learn best practices in doing modeling, and learn about the different modeling challenges across the various social and natural sciences.

Course Content

The winter school has two main components: 1) lectures and 2) project work. Lectures will introduce participants to different concepts in the social and natural sciences critical for modeling social-ecological systems, such as human behavior, collective behavior, hydrology, and land cover change. Students will also learn and use best practices to do modeling (reproducibility, model documentation, analysis of models). The participants will be introduced to various stylized agent-based models of actual research projects on social-ecological systems. Groups of participants will chose one of the models and adapt, expand, and analyze the model to better understand the impact of a particular assumptions on the overall outcome of the social-ecological system. The models are written in NetLogo. Therefore, participants must be able to write NetLogo programming code.

Application deadline: August 19, 2019

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