Organisers and PC

Workshop Organizers

Frank Dignum

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Bio: Dr. Frank Dignum is working on social aspects of software agents with applications in serious gaming and social simulations. He is well known for his work on norms and agent communication and lately for the combination of agents and games and Agent Based Social Simulations. He has organized many (>10) workshops (ACL, AMEC, COIN, AGS,…) and conferences (AAMAS, ECAI) on the topics and given tutorials at most major conferences and summer schools on them.

Bruce Edmonds

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Bio: Bruce Edmonds is Professor of Social Simulation and Director of the Centre for Policy Modelling at the Manchester Metropolitan University. His research focuses on all aspects of agent-based social simulation, having organized many workshops and edited many special issues on a variety of related topics.

Program Committee (Provisional):

  1. Cristiano Castelfranchi
  2. Amit Chopra
  3. Stephen Cranefield
  4. Gert-Jan Hofstede
  5. Wander Jager
  6. Catholijn Jonker
  7. Yoshi Kashima
  8. Victor Lesser
  9. Emiliano Lorini
  10. John-Jules Meyer
  11. Pablo Noriega
  12. Jeremy Pitt
  13. Rui Prada
  14. Javier Vazquez Salceda
  15. Munindar Singh
  16. Liz Sonenberg
  17. Wamberto Vasconcelos
  18. Harko Verhagen