Accepted papers

The following submitted papers have been accepted for the workshop:

  • Prashan Madumal, Tim Miller, Frank Vetere and Liz Sonenberg. Towards a Grounded Dialog Model for Explainable Artificial Intelligence
  • Tim Miller, Virginia Dignum and Frank Dignum. Planning for Human-Agent collaboration using Social Practices
  • Rijk Mercuur, John Bruntse Larsen and Virginia Dignum. Modelling the Social Practices of an Emergency Room to Ensure Staff and Patient Wellbeing
  • Antoni Perello-Moragues, Pablo Noriega, Julian Padget and Harko Verhagen. Value-driven policy-making as a socio-cognitive technical system
  • Stevan Tomic, Federico Pecora and Alessandro Saffiotti. Position paper: What normative framework for mixed human-robot societies?
  • Diogo Rato, Rui Prada and Samuel Mascarenhas. Cognitive Social Frames: The role of Social Context in agents cognition

In addition there will be an introduction to the topic by the organisers, an invited speaker and a discussion session.