The Voter Model

This is a model of voter turnout.  It aims to address the following core questions;

-What affect does immigration have on turnout?

-What are the key drivers for increasing turnout? – or, which variables in the model really matter?

-Could removing the social dimension of voting (e.g. internet polling, postal voting etc…) have negative consequences in turnout?

-Do attempts to mobilise voters have ‘spill over’ effects? And how can these be exploited to increase participation?

-What might be the total long term impact of compulsory voting for young people?

Here you can find relevant information about the Voter Model, including its documentation.

Model on openABM (including code, some documentation, synthetic data, and sensitivity analyses)

BHPS data used in the simulation (link to ReShare; requires registration)

-The latest version of the Voter Model Technical Description can be found here; Loughran, T., Lessard-Phillips, L., Fieldhouse, E. and Edmonds, B.  (2015).  The Voter Model – a long description.

Here you can find documentation related to the election day data collection project led by the SCID project, Assessing election-day motivations to vote (University of Manchester ethics committee reference 11460).

Documentation (please click on name of document to access)

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