The Marriage Model

The D:ITCH (“Diversity and Inter-­‐ethnic marriage: Trust, Culture and Homophily”) model has been developed to investigate the processes of partner selection in diverse communities, focusing on individual preferences, opportunities for contact, and group size to uncover how these may lead to differential rates of inter-­ethnic marriage. Inter-­ethnic marriage is both a cause and a consequence of immigrant integration. It is, however, unclear how individual preferences and opportunities for contact may combine to produce the spectrum of rates of inter-­ethnic marriage we observe in the UK and elsewhere. The overall results from the DITCH model indicate that – as expected and in line with existing evidence – diversity (especially in areas with low ethnic homogeneity) fosters high rates of inter-­ethnic marriage, but these can be mediated by group size, the type of social network and the extend of the partner search range.

Version 1 of this model has been published on and can be downloaded from the model archive. You will need NetLogo version 5.0.3 or newer to run this model. Please refer to the instructions given on the model’s archive page.

The image below shows a screenshot from the model.