Welcome to SCID!

Welcome to the website for SCID – The Social Complexity of Immigration and Diversity. SCID is an interdisciplinary project from The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.  The project runs from September 2010 to August 2015.  It is funded by the EPSRC under its Complexity for the Real World Initiative.

SCID is a five-year research programme that will develop and apply novel tools and techniques from complexity science to model and understand the social processes relating to ethnic diversity and immigration.

Project news and updates will be posted here. Please browse the site to find out more about the project and who’s involved. We’d also appreciated your feedback, both about the SCID project and the site.

Its aims are:

  • To develop novel complexity techniques. SCID will develop techniques of working at complementary levels of abstraction.
  • To develop new families of complexity models. SCID will develop new families of social simulation models, focused on currently unexplored interactions between different social mechanisms that are thought to be important in society at large.  For more information please go to the ‘models’ section of the site for descriptions and documentation of each model.
  • To link micro and macro social theory. Using novel methods, SCID will show how some aspects of the target social phenomena can be explained as emergent phenomena arising from individual social interactions, bridging the gap between the micro-evidence about individual behaviour up to macro accounts of aggregate trends and patterns.
  • To inform policy makers in the area of immigration, diversity and social cohesion.