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Papers in the Special Track on Qual2Rule @ Social Simulation 2023

We are very pleased to announce the papers for the Qual2Rule special session of Social Simulation 2023 in Glasgow, currently scheduled for Tuesday 5th Sept: 11-13:00.

  • Melania Borit, Christopher Frantz and Ruth MeyerMethods for using qualitative data to inform behavioural rules in Agent-Based Modelling: Preliminary results of a Systematic Literature Review
  • Nanda Wijermans, Eva Vriens and Giulia AndrighettoHeterogeneous agent decision-making – an empirically informed approach to behavioural types
  • Frithjof StöpplerHow abstracts concepts come alive: modelling network path dependence with qualitative data
  • Lidia Mayangsari, Bhakti S. Onggo and Konstantinos V. KatsikopoulosSimple Heuristics as Mental Model for Staple Food Choice: An ABM Exercise
  • Michelle Alfers and Paola D’Orazio Modeling the Impact of Social and Behavioral Factors on the Spread of Infectious Diseases in a Macro-Financial Agent-Based Model: a Methodological Proposal
  • Jose Padilla and Erika FrydenlundReferencer: A Collaborative Online Space for Multidisciplinary Modeling
  • Rajith Vidanaarachchi, Sangeetha Chandrashekeran, Melissa Kennedy, Jason Thompson and Saman HalgamugeSynthesising an ABM Population Representative of an Indigenous Population: Modelling Science Meets Indigenous Knowledge and Lives

We look forward to seeing you all there!