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Qual2Rule Paper published in journal: “Government and Opposition”

Work by Stephanie Dornschneider-Elkink and Bruce Edmonds originating from the Lorentz workshop on Integrating qualitative and quantitative evidence using Social Simulation.

Dornschneider-Elkink, S., & Edmonds, B. (2022). Does Non-violent Repression Have Stronger Dampening Effects than State Violence? Insight from an Emotion-Based Model of Non-violent Dissent. Government and Opposition, 1-23. doi:

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Participants and papers at the Qual2Rule session @ SSC2022 in Milan

A snapshot of the room and participants (Thanks Harko Verhagen for this)

Papers presented at the Qual2Rule session organised during the Social Simulation Conference 2022:

Trustworthiness of simulation: A qualitative account
Martin Neumann (JGU Mainz, Germany)

The innovation network in the Rhenish Lignite area – A participatory ABM approach to partner selection and knowledge diffusion
Christian Stehr & Miriam Athmer (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)

Integrating agent-based modelling and behavioural data analytics: A case study of cli- mate change farmers’ perception in Italy
Sandra Ricart, Paolo Gazzotti, Claudio Gandolfi & Andrea Castelletti (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

Challenging the establishment: A computational grounded theory of the emergence of sustainable food companies in Colombia
Cesar Garcia-Diaz, Mónica Ramos-Mejía, Sebastian Duenas-Ocampo & Isabella Gomati de la Vega (Universidad Javeriana, Colombia)