Monthly Archives: March 2021

6th Workshop on Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence using Social Simulation, 15th March

The 6th workshop is being held online as part of the Social Simulation Festival 2021. For information about this, including registration (which is necessary but free) see

The agenda is as follows (all times in CET)

13:30-13:35     Intro
13:35-14:05     Grounded theory vs agent-based modelling, who will win? Debate by Cathy Urquhart & Bruce Edmonds, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
14:05-14:30     Plenary discussion based on Cathy & Bruce’s debate
14:30-15:00     Break-out rooms on pre-defined topics
15:00-15:15     Break
15:15-15:45     Plenary summing up of break-out room discussions
15:45-16:05     Answers to questions collected from the community
16:05-16:30     Fishbowl discussion
16:30-16:45     Next steps to consolidate the field