Monthly Archives: September 2019

6 Qual2Rule Papers accepted for SocSim 2019

  • Thomas Feliciani, Pablo Lucas, Junwen Luo and Kalpana Shankar  – Building a data-driven model of peer review: the case of Science Foundation Ireland
  • Stephanie Dornschneider and Bruce Edmonds – Building a bridge from qualitative analysis to a simulation of the Arab Spring protests
  • Nanda Wijermans, Harko Verhagen, Davide Natalini, Stephanie Dornschneider, Mathew Senga and Ananya Mukherjee – Animal farm – species of a different kind flock together
  • Edmund Chattoe-Brown – Un Drôle De Type: The Schelling Model, Calibration, Specification, Validation and Using Relevant Data
  • Peer-Olaf Siebers, Sebastian Achter, Cristiane Palaretti Bernardo, Melania Borit and Edmund Chattoe-Brown  – First Steps Towards RAT: A Protocol for Documenting Data Use in the Agent-Based Modeling Process
  • Sara Mehryar, Swenja Surminski and Bruce Edmonds – Participatory Agent-Based Modelling for Flood Risk Insurance