Monthly Archives: September 2014

Papers at the “Qual2Rule” session at Social Simulation 2014 in Barcelona

15:00 [603] ESSA, SIG-Qual2Rule: Using QUAL Data, Chair: M. Borit

15:00 [603] Mieczyslaw Metzger and Piotr Skupin: “Human-in-the-loop simulation based system for more effective allocation and training of experimenters’ groups in stimulation of biotechnological processes” #11

15:30 [603] Roman Seidl: “Social Scientists, Qualitative Data, and Agent-Based Modeling” #21

16:00 [603] Syed Muhammad Ali Abbas, Rachel Aldred, Zaid Chalabi and James Woodcock: “Use of an agent-based model to explore urban transitions in commuter cycling” #57

16:30 [603] Annalisa Stefanelli and Roman Seidl: “Moderate and Polarized Opinions. Using Empirical Data for an Agent-Based Simulation” #14

17:30 [603] ESSA, SIG-Qual2Rule: Using QUAL Data

17:30 [603] Jose Antonio Noguera, Antonio Parravano, Paula Hermida and Jordi Tena-Sanchez: “Simulating Social Influence Dynamics From Observational Data: The Case Of Secessionist Flags in Barcelona’s Balconies” #48

18:00 [603] Martin Neumann and Ulf Lotzmann: “From evidence to criminal agents: Modelling the collapse of a criminal network” #71

18:30 [603] Gary Polhill, Nick Gotts, Amparo Alonso-Betanzos, Noelia Sanchez-Maroño, Oscar Fontenla-Romero, Tony Craig and Ricardo Garcia-Mira: “Qualitative spatial representation in agent-based models” #120