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Reminder: 15th October Deadline for submission to the special issue of JASSS on this topic!

Special issue/section of the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS) on: “Using qualitative data to inform behavioral rules

In other words, unpublished (note 1) reports on approaches that start with qualitative data (in some form) and attempts to use this to inform the specification of an agent-based simulation.  We recognise that this is very much an open issue, and thus we are open to contributions from many different fields that would contribute to parts of this project.  However, we particularly value papers with a well-described method that is illustrated with specific examples, going from the qualitative data all the way to some rule or other code that forms part of a simulation (or could do so) with some assessment of the method’s pros and cons.

Deadline: 15th October 2013

Submission instructions: Do not submit to JASSS but to this easychair site:

Please read and note the instructions for formatting the document that are at:

Any queries or difficulties, please contact me, Bruce Edmonds <>

Note 1: Papers that were published in conference proceedings (e.g. ESSA 2013) are acceptable if expanded, revised and updated.  Attendees of the special track of ESSA on this topic are expected to take comments and discussion into account.