Special issue on "Agent-based modelling to study resilience in socio-ecological systems" is out

In Ecological Complexity, December 2019. Edited by George van Voorn, Gert Jan Hofstede, Bruce Edmonds and Gary Polhill


  • Editorial – Agent-Based Modelling for ResilienceG.A.K. van Voorn, J.G. Polhill, B. Edmonds and G.J. Hofstede.
  • A socio-ecological test bedB. Edmonds.
  • Cooperation can improve the resilience of common-pool resource systems against overharvestingG.A. ten Broeke, G.A.K. van Voorn, A. Ligtenberg and J. Molenaar.
  • Effects on participation and biodiversity of reforming the implementation of agrienvironmental schemes in the NetherlandsA.N. Groeneveld, J.H.M. Peerlings, M.M. Bakker, N.B.P. Polman and W.J.M. Heijman.
  • Human behaviour versus optimising agents and the resilience of farms – Insights from agent-based participatory experiments with FarmAgriPoliSF. Appel and A. Balmann.
  • External shocks, agent interactions, and endogenous feedbacks — Investigating system resilience with a stylized land use modelY. Chen, M.M. Bakker, A. Ligtenberg and A.K. Bregt.
  • The resilience of social norms of cooperation under resource scarcity and inequality — An agent-based model on sharing water over two harvesting seasonsT. Nhim, A. Richter and X. Zhu.
  • Implications of behavioral change for the resilience of pastoral systems—Lessons from an agent-based modelG. Dressler, J. Groeneveld, C.M. Buchmann, C. Guo, N. Hase, J. Thober, K. Frank and B. Müller.
  • Dimension reduction of multivariate outputs of socio-environmental agent-based modelsJ.-S. Lee and T. Filatova.
  • Exploring resilience with agent-based models: State of the art, knowledge gaps and recommendations for coping with multidimensionalityL. Egli, H. Weise, V. Radchuk, R. Seppelt and V. Grimm.
  • Agent-based modelling of socio-ecological systems: Models, projects and ontologiesN.M. Gotts, G.A.K. van Voorn, J.G. Polhill, E. de Jong, B. Edmonds, G.J. Hofstede and R. Meyer.

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