MMUBS MRes - Philosophy of Knowledge Module

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Sessions 2010-2011:

Early Sessions on The Western Academic Tradition and Critical Thought

Older versions of slides:

  • Critical thinking, I: About Argument [powerpoint slides]
    • Thinking about the structure and tradition of argument in the Western Academic Tradition
  • Critical thinking, II: Authority and dissent, and the written word [powerpoint slides]
    • Looking at the problem of judging authority with particular respect to the written literature
  • What is Philosophy?  [powerpoint slides]
    • An introduction to the MMUBS MRes philosophy course
  • Rationalism vs. Empiricism [powerpoint slides]
    • From where does knowledge come?
  • Constructivism vs. Realism [powerpoint slides]
    • Is knowledge a reflection of an outside reality or constructed by us?
  • Positivism vs. Pragmatism [powerpoint slides]
    • Is knowledge composed of a correct representation or what works in practice?
  • The Linguistic Turn [powerpoint slides]
    • To what extent is knowledge in the use of language rather than what language is about?

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Formal Modelling Session for the Specialist Methods Module

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