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A Simulation of Arab Spring Protests Informed by Qualitative Evidence - first version

Joint work with Stephanie Dornschneider to learn about how to bridge between a qualitative analysis of narrative data and a simulation design.

The purpose of the simulation was to explore and better understand the process of bridging between an analysis of qualitative data and the specification of a simulation. This may be developed for more serious processes later but at the moment it is merely an illustration.
This exercise was done by Stephanie Dornschneider (School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin) and Bruce Edmonds to inform the discussion at the Lorentz workshop on “Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Data using Social Simulation” at Leiden in April 2019. The qualitative data was collected and analysed by SD. The model specification was developed as the result of discussion by BE & SD. The model was programmed by BE. This is described in a paper submitted to Social Simulation 2019 and (to some extent) in the slides presented at the workshop.

Edmonds, Bruce, Dornschneider, Stephanie (2019, April 29). “A Simulation of Arab Spring Protests Informed by Qualitative Evidence” (Version 1.1.0). CoMSES Computational Model Library. Retrieved from:

To run this, download the .zip file, unpack it ALL into a folder (including sub-folders and contents), then run the .nlogo file (in the code folder) using NetLogo 5.3.*.

If you move the .nlogo file somewhere else, also move the string and reflection folders with it (or add these to your 5.3 extensions in the NetLogo directory).

Slides available below: