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Volume 8 (2003-2004)

Issue 1 - March 2004


The Redefinition of Memes: Ascribing Meaning to an Empty Cliché by Michael Lissack (63Kb)

The Evolution of Language and Science Studied by means of Biological Concepts by Börje Ekstig (94Kb)


The Fork and the Paperclip: A Memetic Perspective by Bradley Duthie (40Kb)

Birth of a Meme: the Origin and Evolution of Collusive Voting Patterns in the Eurovision Song Contest - A reply to the letters of Edmonds (2002) and Duthie (2004) by Derek Gatherer (72Kb)

Issue 2 - September 2004


The Inherent Instability of Memetic Systems: Use of a Genetic Algorithm to Solve a Parameter Optimisation Problem in a Memetic Simulation by Derek Gatherer (144Kb)

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