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Volume 6 - 2002

Issue 1 - March 2002


Syntactic Structure in Birdsong: Memetic Evolution of Songs or Grammars? by William Majoros (135Kb)

Darwinian Processes and Memes in Architecture: A Memetic Theory of Modernism by Nikos Salingaros and Terry Mikiten (80Kb)

The Spread of Irrational Behaviours by Contagion: An Agent Micro-Simulationby Derek Gatherer (111Kb)


A Review of: Selection Theory and Social Construction: the evolutionary naturalistic epistemology of Donald T. Campbell - Cecilia Heyes and David Hull (eds.) by Bruce Edmonds (15Kb)

Issue 2 - September 2002



Chess moves and their memomics: a framework for the evolutionary processes of chess openings by João Dinis de Sousa (220Kb)

Cultural Transmission and the Capacity to Approve or Disapprove of Offspring’s Behaviour by Laureano Castro and Miguel Toro(145Kb)


Report on the EPSRC Network on Evolvability in Biology and Software Systems Meeting by Beatriz Garmendia-Doval and Derek Gatherer (17Kb)


Three Challenges for the Survival of Memetics by Bruce Edmonds (19Kb)

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