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ESSA is a professional association for those working within the European social simulation community.
An association created specifically to promote and support
European based social simulation at the researcher, practitioner and student levels.

A European Social Simulation Association

There is growing agreement that the time has come to form a learned society to promote the development of social simulation. The undersigned wish to propose the formation of a European Social Simulation Association (ESSA). Recognizing parallel interests and developments in North America and Australasia, we would intend ESSA to coordinate with similar organizations in those and other regions to organize an international federation to support the development of social simulation research, education and application.

The objectives of ESSA will be to:

Signatories: Scott Moss (Centre for Policy Modelling, Manchester, UK), Nigel Gilbert (Centre for Research in Social Simulation, Surrey, UK), Rosaria Conte (Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology, Rome, Italy), Rainer Hegselmann (University of Bayreuth, Germany), Charlotte Hemelrijk (University of Zurich, Switzerland), Bruce Edmonds (Centre for Policy Modelling, Manchester, UK), Edmund Chattoe (University of Oxford, UK), Klaus Troitzsch (University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany), Olivier Barrateau (CEMAGREF, France), Francois Bousquet (CIRAD, France), Adolfo Lopez Paredes (University of Valladolid, Spain), Juliette Rouchier (CNRS, France), David Hales (Centre for Policy Modelling, Manchester, UK.).

See the full statement (from which the above is an extract) for more details. See also the ESSA draft constitution.

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ESSA Newsletters

ESSA newsletter 1 (Sept. 2002) - Details of the first steps for ESSA.
ESSA newsletter 2 (Oct. 2002) - Call for nominations to the Management Committee.
ESSA newsletter 3 (Dec. 2002) - The new Management Committee.
ESSA newsletter 4 (April 2003) - The First ESSA Conference & Membership Dues.

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