Emergence In the Loop: simulating the two way dynamics of norm innovation

The Centre for Policy is a partner in a new EU 6F project lead by Rosaria Conte at CNR-ISTC in Rome.  This Project lasted from Sept 2006 to November 2009.  It lead the last, summative, work package.

The central project website is at: http://emil.istc.cnr.it

Project summary (from the proposal)

The main objective of this project is to understand and develop design strategies able to cope with the complex 2-way dynamics of sociality, consisting of emergent and immergent processes: from interaction among individual agents to aggregate level, and immergence of entities (norms) at the aggregate level into agents' minds.

In particular, we plan to focus on  norm innovation. As research priorities, beside dealing with incompleteness and uncertainty, we intend to contribute to the understanding and description of hierarchic systems by describing agents acting on multiple, i.e. individual, communitarian and institutional levels.

As to understanding of distributed processes in IT, the project is aimed at modelling the interactive, bidirectional processes of emergence:

A summary of main theoretical goals is: 

The main technological aim of the project is to construct a simulator for exploring and experimenting upon norm-innovation.

Concerning the applicative side, we intend to contribute to the regulation of e-communities by handing out a simulator for the emergence of new norms in complex social systems, where situated experiments can be run. While the simulator will be designed as a general-purpose tool, a specific study case will be selected as so to provide the necessary grounding parameters. 

Project Results

Project Consortium

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